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Domain Sunrise period is closing

For the 365 days presales period, you can claim ownership of your already existing brands domain, if you can prove either that you own the actual domain on the world wide web, or prove that you have the brand copyrighted.

Buy your metaverse domain now!

What are Metaverse domains?

Just like on the old web, where the websites are identified by a domain name, Anata also has a new layer of domains for the Metaverse. A Metaverse Domain identifies your virtual world, and allows other people to set up a hyperlink to your world, save the url of your place.

What is the difference?

Regular domains follow the pattern of http:// or https:// followed by domain name, and that followed by some extension. For example https://anataworld.com The http:// prefix tells the computer that the actual url is understood by our default web browser, and it needs to open a website that is called anataworld.com.

Now a Metaverse domain, starts with gdtp:// which stands for Geometric Data Transfer Protocol, and the rest of the pattern is technically the same: gdtp://anataworld.com. Every virtual world in the Anata metaverse platform can have its own domain name.

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