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Anata is a novel metaverse platform to build and explore metaverse worlds. Anata is designed for average computers, to let anyone join the metaverse. Join now for free, and start exploring!


The Browser

To reach the numerous worlds in the metaverse, we have created the worlds first hybrid browser, Anata.

In our hybrid browser you can browse websites and 3D worlds simultaneously.

In the Anata browser you can open websites and dock them next to each other, for a more fluent workflow.

Anata allows developers to create communication between their websites and 3D worlds. This feature results endless possibilities mixing existing web content and metaverse content.

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Getting started

1. Visit the social portal and create a free account

2. During the login process, look for the security token in your mailbox, to validate your email address.

3. After validating your email address, please download the Anata browser installer.

4. Find the installer nn the downloads folder, and install and run the Anata Updater application which will download and keep your Anata browser up to date.

Get started!
  • 01

    Create a free account

  • 02

    Validate your email

  • 03

    Download the installer

  • 04

    Install Anata

Our Collection

Start exploring some amazing places in Anata.


Phase 01

December 12, 2022

Closed domain presales

Closed domain presales, open alpha, content upload.

Phase 02

January 1, 2023

Sunrise period

Open alpha state, closed marketplace starts, content upload continues, community building, events start.

Phase 03

January 1, 2024

Domain system launch

Domain exchange starts, open marketplace starts

Phase 04

April 1, 2024

Free arbitration closes

Mass domain usage starts.

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