ANATA goes to Collision from Home conference.

ANATA @ Collision from Home

ANATA @ Collision from Home

Hello and Welcome! Just look how nice is Collision from Home giving us a badge for participating at their global conference. With more than 30.000 people attending its the biggest tech event around the World. Both our CEOs and the head of investment relations will be there to show the vision of ANATA. We think that if other attendees only understand that ANATA is built on people and not users we succeeded. Learn more about the speakers and partners of Collision from Home at You will find ANATA at the featured startup page, which is really nice, isn't it? We will post a blog post about our experiences of Collision from Home, but we bet we'll be all around it. Adios, Hippos for now and thank you for reading this post. Don't forget to scrool down and hook on our social media channels to stay informed about ANATA. Again, many thanks and Have a Nice Day!

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