Anata Art Gallery

Anata Art Gallery

Art is a value that humanity could not live without. We are creative creatures, who like to invent, fabricate and design. We like to think, and then form pieces of art around these thoughts. This is what Victor Vasarely, a Hungarian-French artist did. He believed that people need fine art as much as they need music. This can be true, music makes us relax or have fun – depending on our mood. But fine arts can have the same effect, and Vasarely knew this. He thought that art should not be a luxury, it has to reach everybody because it is a value no one deserves better than others. The tasks of art are to inspire, to generate emotions, thoughts, feelings, to get you out of your comfort zone, to make you feel that you live.

People can express so many things through art. We experience amazing and also awful moments in our lives, and a piece of art can show everything in one picture, statue, or even in a building. And the best part is, you do not have to have the same impression of a piece of art, you do not have to feel the same as the creator did, you can have completely different sensations and still, art can bring us closer. Even if we think differently, as we look at a painting, we understand each other without words. This is extraordinary. This is what art is capable of.

In Anata World, there is a special place to go when you want to dive deep into the art. Our gallery is open all day. If you want to be alone, walking around in a picture at 2 am, Anata Art Gallery is your place to be. You can actually go into a painting, discover its hidden parts in 3D. This is what happens when you combine art with technology. Vasarely also thought about the future, his op-art paintings are extremely modern, makes you get lost in the geometrical shapes. But what is art without getting lost and finding ourselves again?

Anata Art Gallery

Art is a value that humanity could not live without. We are creative creatures, who like to inven ...

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