Little details of ANATA city.

All the little things...

All the little things...

Hello and Welcome!

Before writing this post i asked Hugo, leader of graphics designer and 3D modeller department to send me over some really cool screenshots took on the part of ANATA they are currently working on. My original intent was to write an article about ANATA city and capture the atmosphere of the city.

I got a huge set of pictures shot on tiny little things, like recycle bins, road signs, etc. alongside with a comment from Hugo. „Geri its nothing spectacular. We are working on little details and filling up Anata city with things like that to let people will feel their surroundings more natural.”

I felt its quite a message itself!

Anything you do in your life is similar. You raise your children and if you adopt enough care and effort into the process people start to say how well-bred they are, but its only You who knows how much energy it took you to achieve this. You know right that the key for your success was a long series of little things.

ANATA is our child and will we raised with care.

Sometimes the way to success is not spectacular. The harder you fight the more you achieve in the end. Learn to appreciate your everyday efforts.

Thank you for reading this post. Cheerio for now and Have a Nice Day!

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